1. What is your price range?

All of our flooring options vary in price, depending on species of wood and installation and finishing methods.  Please contact us for more information.


2. What makes your floors unique?

Our specialized fastening system:

  • allows wider widths - up to 14''

  • prevents cupping & buckling of wide widths

  • ensures positive adhesion to any subfloor

  • eliminates gapping between boards


Onsite sanding and finishing enables us to achieve your desired look.  Every floor is a completely custom finish, allowing us to give you a one of a kind floor entirely unique to your personal taste.


3. How durable is your flooring?

Our floor finish is very durable. We use 3 coats of polyurethane. Choosing one of our hardwood options (ie. Antique Elm, Beech or Ash) will also help add durabiity to your floor.


4. How do I maintain my floor?

All that is needed is warm water and a small drop of dish soap. Do NOT use the following products, or products similar in nature: Pledge (or other wax or silicone based polishes), Vinegar, Murphys Oil Soap (or any other oil soap), Ammonia, Fantastic (or any other solvent-containing cleaners), Pine Sol (or any other pine based cleaners). Using these, or similar products, can ruin your finish and cause problems down the road.Remember too, that putting felts on all your furniture will help eliminate scratching. Keeping abasives (like sand and dirt) cleaned off your floor will also help. And if you have pets, keep in mind their claws can cause scratching.


5. Do you only have antique wood?

No. However, using antique wood gives you the natural beauty and rustic character that only aged wood can offer. It also is the only way to get the natural patina (natural colour) out of the boards. We do, however, have new wood options as well.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss our various flooring options.


P: 519.924.3423

E: sales@oldvintagefloors.com


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